Final Conference Programme ISCBF 2021

Day 1: Thursday, May 27, 2021

09:30 – 10:00 Registration

10:00 – 12:00 Opening Remarks Meeting’s link:

• Prof. Dr. Kseanela SOTIROFSKI, Rector of University “Aleksandër Moisiu”, Durrës
• Prof. Asoc. Dr. Shkëlqim FORTUZI, Dean of Faculty of Business, University “Aleksandër Moisiu”, Durrës
• Prof. Francesco SCALERA, Keynote speaker, University “Aldo Moro”, Bari, Italy
• Prof. Uwe ROESLER, Keynote speaker, FH Bielefeld, University of Applied Sciences, Germany
• Prof. Ayşe GŰNSEL, Keynote speaker, Kocaeli University, Turkey

12:00 – 12:30 Network Meeting

12:00 – 12:30 Peer to Peer Forum

12:30 – 13:00 Coffee Break

13:00 – 13:30 Meet the Editor (Conference Hall)

13:30 – 16:00 City Tour


Day 2: Friday, May 28, 2021

08:30 – 09:00 Registration

9:00 – 11:00 Session I Economic Impact of COVID-19
Moderator Prof. Assoc. Dr. Osman METALLA – Conference Hall Building N.1

• Ela GOLEMI, “Macroprudential policy response to COVID-19”
• Aishejla MYSHKETA, “COVID- 19 and its impact in the tourism industry of Western Balkan countries”
• Mehmet ZİREK & Özcan ASİLKAN, “A Suggestion to Improve the Efficacy of COVID-19 Related Policies and Measures”
• Osman METALLA & Ines JAHO, “Consequences of Covid-19 in SME”
• Violeta NEZA, Edlira LLAZO & Doreta TARTARAJ- “Digital consumer behaviour during the Pandemic”
• Blerina DERMISHAJ & Ednor ALIAJ, “The Impact of Covid-19 on consumer behaviour and the need for adaptation”
• Elisabetta VENEZIA, “Changing travel behavior and the Covid pandemic period”
• Ermelinda SATKA, Anxhela BAKIASI & Ervi KOSTA, “Impact of COVID-19 on travel agencies in Tirana, Albania”
• Valbona MEHMETI, Ulpian HOTI & Erisa MUSABELLI, “Managing Businesses in Times of Pandemic: Betting on ICT for Success”

9:00 – 11:00 Session II Marketing Management (online)
Moderator Prof. Assoc. Dr. Ervin MYFTARAJ & Zoica ZHARKALLI
Meeting’s link for presentations:

• Eldian BALLA & Arjan ABAZI, “The role of digital influencers in the time of the Coronavirus crisis”
• Olda ÇIÇO, “Consumer Behavior aspects changed through Digital Platforms (Airbnb)”
• Krasimir MARINOV, “Analysis of studies on the composition of the process of developing a new product”
• Irma SHYLE, “Online marketing vs. offline marketing- impact of COVID-19 on consumer behavior”
• Blerim KOLA & Jehona GERMIZI, “Trends of Social Media, Marketing in Albania”
• Radostin Georgiev ELENKOV, “Influencer marketing – a leading trend in modern digital marketing”
• Nadya Mitkova STANOEVA, “Stereotypes of the female image in advertising – literature review”
• Tatyana Netseva-PORCHEVA, “Factors Affecting Pricing Decisions”
• Tsvetelina VLADIMIROVA, “Usage of Rhetorical Figures in Advertising Slogans – Previous Research”
• Tatiana DEMKINA & Artan QINETI, “Influence of policy and media on food systems in Russia”

9:00 – 11:00 Session III Financial Institutions & Audit (Online)
Moderator Adriana BUICÁ & Enida ISTREFI
Meeting’s link for presentations:

• Sara KECI & Teuta THANASI, “Efficiency and performance of financial institutions during global pandemic – airlines and insurance company analysis”
• Shkëlqim FORTUZI & Taulant KULLOLLI, “Economic and Financial Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the tourism sector in Albania”
• Adriana BUICÁ, Marioara AVRAM & Mihail ANTONESCU, “The Importance of Financial Audit Services for EU-funded Projects”
• Georgiana Maria LUNGU, Daniel Costin AVRAM & Radu Nicolae BALUNĂ, “The Importance of Financial Communication in the Investment Decision”
• Andreas UPHAUS, “Sustainable Capital Budgeting of Investment Projects”
• Raffaella GIRONE, “The financial support to SMEs during the Covid 19 pandemic”
• Silvana GASHI, Shkëlqim FORTUZI, “Informality, fiscal evasion in Durrës region and Covid-19 impact”
• Klodian MUCO, Flora MERKO & Florjon MERKO, “Money Laundering and its Usage in Formal Economy in Western Balkan Countries”
• Vlora PRENAJ, Iliriana MIFTARI, Vlora BERISHA, “Performance assessment of the commercial banks in Kosovo”
• Krisdela KAÇANI, “Impact of capital structure on banking profitability in Albania”

11:00 – 11:30 Coffee Break

11:30 – 13:30 Session IV Future challenges
Moderator Prof. Dr. Ayse GUNSEL – Conference Hall Building N.1

• Mauro Gianfranco BISCEGLIA, Ines ILOLLARI & Odri LAKO, “The Microcredit in Albania. An application with a decreasing rate structure as a function of sustainability”
• Nensi XHANI, Costin Daniel AVRAM & Carmen Maria NEGRILA, “The development of auditing in the public sector and communication with the responsible institutions”
• Zamir HOXHA, Olta NEXHIPI & Oliana SULA, “Leasing: One of the Most Unique and Modern Contracts in the Civil Circulation in Albania”
• Rovena TROPLINI (VANGJEL) & Merjeme ZYKO, “The financial systems in the countries of southeastern Europe: key features”
• Casten BERG, Olta NEXHIPI & Arian DEDEJ, “Maritime Heritage of Albania – An Anchor for Sustainable Tourism?”
• Ayse GUNSEL & Selen SENGÜL, “The reflections of digital leadership on innovation based competitiveness”
• Oltsen GRIPSHI & Irena XHAFERRI, “The synthesis of the dream here and there of the artist’s existence”
• Erisa MUSABELLI, Oliana SULA & Arjan DEDEJ, “Managerial challenges of state-owned enterprises in Albania (The case of Albania)”
• Redvin MARKU, “Arm’s Length Principle, Application in Albania”

11:30 – 13:30 Session V Education & Research Trends (Online)
Moderator Dr. Bernhard WACH & Dr. Ejona DUCI
Meeting’s link for presentations:

• Oltiana BAME (TOSHKOLLARI), Fjoralba JANKU & Viola BAKIASI (SHTINO), “University, students and online learning. The impact of COVID-19 on education”
• Elfrida MANOKU & Rezarta SHKURTI (PERRI), “Sources of Motivation for Students Under Pandemics- Empirical Findings from University of Tirana”
• Jani SOTA & Fereniqi FULI, “School management – new concept and practice in Albanian education”
• Bernhard WACH & Tim KAMPE, “Entrepreneurship Education in Dual Study Programs”
• Natasha HODA & Hysen HODA, “The role of the university in SME development in Albania”
• Entela VELAJ, “Tax System Changes Effect on Business Climate – Albanian Case”
• Jani SOTA & Fereniqi FULI, “A new Albanian school in a European perspective: towards decentralization and essential autonomy”
• Denada QUKU & Vesa QUKU, “The Importance of the Collaboration of Labour Market and Educational System”
• Mois KAMBERI, “Archives, the place where documents are stored, in support of scientific research for professors and students”
• Klarida PRENDI & Llambi PRENDI, “University-business cooperation in Albania”
• Oliana SULA, Emil VELINOV & Erisa MUSABELLI, “The role of circular entrepreneurship business models for students’ sustainable consumption in developing countries”
• Enis FITA, “The Importance of Human Capital in Economic Development – Focus on Some Aspects in Albania”

11:30 – 13:30 Session VI Innovation & Business Transformation (Online)
Moderator Prof. Assoc. Dr. Bajram KORSITA & Dr. Mario GJONI
Meeting’s link for presentations:

• Bajram KORSITA & Zamir HOXHA, “Supply chain disruptions after the Covid-19 Pandemic”
• Yovka BANKOVA, “Influence of Digitalization and Times of Crisis on Business Models”
• Piro TANKU & Gaqo TANKU, “The Impact of Internal Communication on Staff Motivation in “Antipatrea” Company”
• Radka KATANIKOVÁ, Petronela ŠVIKRUHOVA & Zuzana KAPSDORFEROVÁ, “The role of innovative entrepreneurship – a case study in a selected company”
• Denada LICA, “Offshoring or reshoring: How COVID-19 influences firms’ location choice”
• Petronela ŠVIKRUHOVÁ, Zuzana KAPSDORFEROVÁ & L’udmila DOBOŠOVÀ, “Team Development Using Whole Brain Thinking Method”
• Refik RAMADANI, “Kosovo in the digital economy”
• Ina KECI & Ani MBRICA, “Toxic leadership influence in employee engagement, the moderating role of organization-based self-esteem”
• Sabrina Vasileva KALINKOVA, “The “Rise” of Big Data Analytics for Business Development”
• Esmeraldo XHAKOLLI & Veton KURTSMALAJ, “Flexibility of businesses during Covid-19 pandemic, Albanian Case”

11:30 – 13:30 Session VII Tourism & Sustainability (Online)
Moderator Prof. Assoc. Dr. Hristo Ivanov KATRANDJIEV & Valbona MEHMETI
Meeting’s link for presentations:

• Ermira REPAJ, “Business Improvement Districts, a Public-Private Partnership Approach for the Development of the Regions”
• Bislim AHMETAJ, Perikli QIRJAZI & Fatmir MEMAJ, “Tourism of caves: Potential of adventure tourism in the Tropoja area”
• Ermira PERVIZI, “Covid-19 Pandemic and its effects on Albanian tourism and economy”
• Ulpian HOTI, Erisa MUSABELLI & Valbona MEHMETI, “Economic-tourist impact of via Egnatias in the city of Durrës and in its suburbs”
• Cosmina-Simona TOADER & Brunilda LICAJ, “Albania in the Offers of Romanian Travel Agencies and Perception of Romanian Tourists Towards Albanian Tourism Products”
• Majlinda MUKA & Mirela TASE, “Challenges of coastal tourism managements in time of pandemic COVID 19”
• Vaeld ZHEZHA, “Tourism sector in Albania and impact of the Sars Covid – 19 Pandemic”
• Ervin MYFTARAJ & Erjonilda HASRAMA, “The impact of the Covid 19 pandemic on the behavior of Albanian consumers”
• Elton NOTI, “Agritourism a good opportunity for development in Albania even in the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic”
• Hristo Ivanov KATRANDJIEV, “Genesis of branding: Analysis of Ancient Egypt’s Cylinder Seals and their Contemporary European Discourse”

14:00–17:00 Socializing lunch

Day 3: Saturday, May 29, 2021

8:45 – 9:00 Opening Announcement

9:00 – 11:00 Session VIII Sectorial Development & Economic Policy (Online)
Moderator Radovan SAVOV & Dr. Silvana GASHI
Meeting’s link for presentations:

• Radovan SAVOV & Xénia SZARKOVÁ, “Craft beer revolution in EU as a consequence of globalization in brewing industry”
• Aurela BICAKU, Osman HYSA & Fejzi KOLANECI, “Testing the fair game hypothesis for inflation process in Albania economy over the period March 2017 – February 2021”
• Ermir SHAHINI, “The Impact of Public Health in the Transformation of Physical Money: Albania and Regions Survey”
• Ismet VOKA & Bardhyl DAUTI, “Foreign direct investment, trade and economic growth in Albania. Evidence from time series”
• Florin ALIU & Isa MULAJ, “The coming of housing bubble burst in the face of emigration from Kosovo”
• Servete GRUDA & Zoica KOKOVESH (ZHARKALLI), “Prohibited Agreements (Cartels), their Economic Damages and Policies toward them (Albanian Case)”
• Blerta MJEDA, “Analysing Risk and Uncertainty in Oil Projects. Case Albpetrol Company”
• Egis ZAIMAJ & Nerajda FERUNI, “Remittances as a Potential Engine for Growth – Case of Balkans”
• Albana DEMI (MOSHO), Shqipe XHAFERRI, & Flutura DEMI, “Impact of VAT on the Albanian economy”
• Mario GJONI & Sanije DODA, “New Paradigms in the Ontology of Organizations”

9:00 – 11:00 Session IX COVID-19 Impact (Online)
Moderator Prof. Mauro Gianfranco BISCEGLIA & Dr. Juliana YMERAJ
Meeting’s link for presentations:

• Denis DHYVERT, “Which Approach for a Successful Territorial Recovery of the Economic Activity?”
• Etleva MUCA (DASHI) & Marya PENEVA, “Impact of COVID -19 situation in agriculture. Reflections among Albania and Bulgaria”
• Eusebio DE MARCO, Patrizia DIBARI & Francesco SCALERA, “Trade during the pandemic time”
• Vaeld ZHEZHA & Eriona KATRO, “State aid measures – an instrument to support the economy in the current COVID-19 outbreak”
• Mauro Gianfranco BISCEGLIA, Nicla DITARANTO & Elvjon MECANI, “Differential equations and the Covid 19 Pandemic”
• Daniel M. LYUBENOV, “Post COVID-19 revenue recovery of the distribution companies in the healthcare industry
• Juliana IMERAJ & Ermelinda BARDHOSHI, “Exports and Imports during the Covid -19 Pandemic crisis”
• Ermir SHAHINI, “The Correlation between Covid 19 and Green Politics
• Ina SHEHU, “Fiscal Rules in Times of Covid -19”
• Hysen HODA & Natasha HODA, “IFRS flexibility in pandemic conditions”

9:00 – 11:00 Session X Law, Tax Regulation, Politics and EU Integration (Online)
Moderator Svetla Marinova KANEVA & Erjonilda HASRAMA
Meeting’s link for presentations:

• Diana Nikolova GENKOVA, “Economic integration in the EU: what are the major risks? Evidence from the recent decades”
• Svetla Marinova KANEVA, “Further to the question of Natural law as a topic of the Philosophy of Law”
• Lavdosh AHMETAJ & Kamila KARAJ, “Hegelian philosophy on property as – slavery”
• Markelian KOÇA, “Procedure and reasonable trial involving commercial entities and the impact of the pandemic situation in these trials”
• Isa MULAJ, “When the left gets it right: landslide victories in the US presidential and Kosovo general parliamentary elections”
• Giovanna MASTRODONATO, “The role of European Law in the fight against Climate Change and the pursuit of EU Climate Neutrality”
• Silvana LULE, “Tax Legislation- and Criminal Offences”
• Eriona VADINAJ, Aurora KINKAJ & Suada MANI, “The orientation of businesses towards the implementation of accounting and fiscal rules for their financial evaluation. Case Study: Shkodra Region”
• Markelian KOÇA, “Mediation as an economic alternative for dispute resolution in a reasonable time”
• Jonada MAMO & Vilson XHAFERRAJ, “The role of the fiscalization process in increasing economic formality in Albania”

11:00 – 11:15 Prof. Ilir HOTI (In Memorial)

11:15 – 11:30 Honorification Ceremony Prof. Dr. Afrim HOTI

11:30 – 11:45 Honorification Ceremony Asoc. Prof. Dr. Gaqo TANKU

11:45 – 12:00 Honorification Ceremony Dr. Alush KUCI

12:00 – 12:30 Conference Remarks

12:30 – 13:00 Coffee, Conversations & Photos

May 28th, 2021

08:30 – 09:00 Registration

9.00-11.00 10th Conference Session, (Online)
Moderator: Prof.Asoc.Dr. Elton NOTI, Dr. Dorina XHERAJ
Meeting’s link for presentations:
• Eldian BALLA, Taulant KULLOLLI “Digital Marketing and the Business Environment in Albania”
• Blerim KOLA, JEHONA GJERMIZI,“Trends of Social Media Marketing in Albania”
• Pirro TANKU, Gaqo TANKU, “Communication at the State Oil Production Company “Kuçova”
• Ariola HARIZI, Azeta TARTARAJ, Ludmilla NAGYOVA, “The Effect of Music on Consumer Buying”
• Eda BEZHANI, “The Importance of Digital Marketing and Consumer Behavior”
• Esteljana ZEKA, Ariola HARIZI, “Business Opportunities To Use Funds From Different Types Of Entities”
• Elton NOTI, “Promoting new forms of tourism activities in National Park Divjaka – Karavasta”
• Elena HORSKA, Ariola HARIZI, Ludmilla NAGYOVA, “Consumer Behavior on the Market of Agricultural Products in Albania and Slovakia”
• Mirela TASE, Arjeta HALLUNOVI, “Perception of Eco-Tourism among Residents in Albania”

9.00-11.00 10th Conference Session, (Online)                                                                                                                         Moderator: Prof.Asoc.Dr. Prof.Asoc.Dr. Hasim DEARI, Dr. Eldian BALLA
Meeting’s link for presentations:

• Valbona Mehmeti, “Applying Data Envelopment Analysis to Improve the Management of Business Enterprises”
• Jonida LAMÇJA, Ikbale TOTA, “Identifying challenges in Disaster Insurance in Albania”
• Albana Jeminaj, “Virtual water and the importance to revise the agreement between Albania and Northern Macedonia for the waters of the Radica River”
• Vilson XHAFERRAJ, Jonada MAMO, “The role and ideologies of politic parties, the electoral systems and their impact on the exercise of political power in the last three decades in Albania.”
• Alma ZISI, Bitila SHOSHA, “Unemployment and migration of young people” Albania Case”
• Armela ANAMALI, Juliana IMERAJ, Bitila SHOSHA, “Doctoral programs in Albania: A feasiblity study”
• Zoica KOKAVESHI, “The Effect of Human Capital Relocation on the Competitiveness of a Country”
• Sylwester KOZAK, Etleva MUÇA, “Differences of Regional Development Level between Albania and Poland (2010-2017)”
• Hasim DEARI, Eldian BALLA, “Consumers challenges and attitudes towards biomedical products”
• Mustafa ÜÇ, Qamile ZDRAVA, “The Use of Creative Accounting in Albania: Evidence from Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Companies”
• Afrore Bërdyna MAZREKU, “Economic and financial reforms towards Kosovo’s European integration”

11:00 – 11:30 Coffee Break

11:30 – 13:30 10th Conference Session, (Building 1, University Kampus, Durrës)                                                                   Moderator: Francesco SCALERA, Dr.Majlinda MUKA

• Francesco SCALERA, “Investment strategies for Italian Companies in Morocco and Tunisia”
• Arlind KASA, “Impact on employment influenced from cultural tourism in Durres”
• Jani KOÇILLARI, “The importance of red-figure pottery in Illyria for the economic and cultural development of Albania”
• Alush KUÇI, Marcela MELE, “Impact of tourism demand pricing policies on the coast of Durres District, Albania”
• Dorina XHERAJ –SUBASHI, “After the disaster, “Fostering volunteerism as citizen value”
• Marcela MELE, Majlinda MUKA, “Fortress Landscapes’: The New Neighborhood Development in East Gate Tirana, Albania”
• Majlinda MUKA, Violeta ALIAJ “Cultural routes new trends in Albania sustainable tourism”
• Brunilda LICAJ, “Evaluation of the role of foreign donations in function of the development of Albanian Tourism”
• Ermelinda SATKA, Anxhela BAKIASI, Ervi KOSTA, “Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism for Rural Development”
• Francesco SCALERA, “Investment strategies for Italian Companies in Morocco and Tunisia”
11:30 – 13:30 10th Conference Session, (Online) Moderator: Prof.Asoc.Dr. Klodian MUÇO, PhD/cAriola HARIZI
Meeting’s link for presentations:

• Denada LICA, Erald BERBERI, “Strategies of internationalization of Albanian handicrafts firms: A multiple case study approach”
• Klarida PRENDI, Llambi PRENDI, “Innovation Index, (Case of Albania Compared with the Western Balkan Countries)”
• Natasha HODA, Hysen HODA, Jonida AVDULAJ, “Role of good governance in economic development”
• Klodian MUÇO, Natasha HODA, Hysen HODA, “Impact of inequality on increasing crime in albania”
• Bislim AHMETAJ, Sanie DODA, Yllka ALLARAJ, “Mycotic contamination of cheeses in tirana markets”
• Oliana Sula, Erisa Musabelliu, “The role of education in youth social entrepreneurship education in Western Balkans”
• Myfarete MALASI, Ariola HARIZI, “Local Government Tax Policy in Albania Compared To Balkan Countries”
• Alvina GUCAJ, Alba RAMALLARI, Faik ÇELIK, Flora MERKO, “The role of policies in the agro-economic development of a country”
• Brunela TREBICKA, Azeta TARTARAJ, “Tax Evasion Triggers”
• Ervis BEJKO, Llambi PRENDI, “The IFRS 9 implication and the expected credit loss in the Albanian Banking Sector”
• Enida Zhugri, “How the Foreign Direct Investment impacts the economic growth. Case of Albanian economy”